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Blog #8: ‘The future is now.’ – Well… (Week 11)

Let us not forget that ‘Escape from New York’ is set in 1997.

In 1981 when that particular film was made, the prospect of what life would be like in 1997 was distant, exciting and alien. In the real world, Hanson’s equally catchy and annoying ‘MMMBop’ was released that year. 1997 doesn’t seem so futuristic now, does it?

The truth is that “the future” doesn’t exist. I mean, not technically. Usually, we tend to separate our idea of time into three; that of “the past”, “the present” and “the future”, but only one of the three actually exists: the present. However some would even argue that time moves in such a way that it’s impossible to determine an actual “present”. For instance if you start thinking now about snapping your fingers, the beginning of your thought is in the past, and the potential to snap your fingers is in the future, so where is the present? The present happens, and is gone so quickly, that you could almost say it never happened at all.

And this is why we have CHRONOPHOBIA: the fear of time passing, and time itself. Time is unbiased, unwavering and uncontrollable. It continually pushes forward without reprieve; with the rhythmic ticking of a clock constantly reminding us of the inescapabilty and immanency of our death. Or at least that’s how the chronophobics see it.

This is just a long-winded way of saying that I watched the ‘Xbox One’ reveal today and they kept saying that the device was “future-proofed” and I was all like “what does that even mean?” How does Microsoft know what the future holds? Do they know something we don’t? The answer is of course a resounding yes. I mean the future is all about better technology, right?

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