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Blog #7: Blogging and Science (Week 10)

Everybody has an opinion. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that we have freedom of speech and can use tools such as blogs to voice our interests and/or concerns, but bad in the way it promotes the idea that every single person is a special snowflake who has something important to say. The cold truth is that some people just aren’t interesting. Yes I know this sounds harsh, but if ONE more person posts on Facebook that they’ve just started a blog and they’d love for me to give it a read, I am going to lose my shit ‘Scanners’-style. Oh terrific, another pretentious hipster living in the Inner-West musing on existential quandaries. FUCKING GREAT.

I started a blog once. Halfway through my first post I thought to myself: “Why should anybody care about what I have to say?” … and then I stopped. At that moment I realised that a good blog needs to be backed by real life experience, with the desire of adding something new to the conversation. This is where science can come in. Blogging can provide an invaluable tool for the sharing of information, but it isn’t yet being used to its full potential.

In regards to the topic of science, Gavin from RealClimate.org states that “blogs can be of tremendous value in bringing up more context and dispelling the various misapprehensions that exist,” but that as a whole science-blogging is underutilised and not yet equivalent to the peer-to-peer review process. Pisani believes that if scientists were more open to sharing data (perhaps even through blogging) it would result in “more and faster progress” which could help create more cures in a shorter amount of time.

So hopefully in the future we see more science, and less Instagram’d photos of soy decaf lattés.

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